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The garage is spacious and has capacity of 20 cars at any moment. We have an adjacent garage space for heavy commercial vehicle and storage.

The garage set up is designed to have the following functional areas:

Customer care

The comfort of our customers is a priority once they visit our Garage. The customer bay is clean and covered with a beautiful shade.

The customer booth has access Wi-Fi for our customers convenience and comfort.

The washroom facilities are clean and well maintained at all times for our customers to feel comfortable while within the garage.







Car wash

It is our policy that every car must be washed and cleaned before being released to the customer.









Spraying Booth


The service bay is well facilited to ensure efficient and effective work by our staff.


The entire garage is under CCTV surveillance on 24hrs basis to enhance security of customers vehicles and general security of the garage. In addition to the security guard, we have staff who are accommodated within the garage to ensure affective response should there be a breach of security at night. The CCTV surveillance is reviewed every morning. The garage is fenced and includes and electric perimeter fence.

24-hour call

Our location on busy Namanga Road requires the garage to be on call to receive vehicles on 24thr basis.

Communication with customers

We provide regular updates through online links and customers are continuously updated and they don’t have to visit the garage all the time to check on the progress.



24hr working schedule

The garage is flexible and allows work to continue well into the night to ensure we meet delivery deadlines which is key for us.

Final product