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We are keen to maintain our corporate image and our staff are always in uniform while at work can easily be identified while within the premises.

Our organizational structure as company comprises of managerial team as well as operational team.

The managerial team consists of:

  1. Director – Noor Gatana,
  2. Administration manager – Darius Ngeti
  3. Operational manager – Fredrick Msolo.

The operational team consists of the:

  1. Mechanical department headed by Victor Opondo
  2. Bodywork department headed by Fredrick Msolo
  3. Electrical department headed by Fredrick Anya.

We value our mechanical team for their vast experience and technical expertise in their respective areas. Our team is committed to provide customer satisfaction through building mutually beneficial relationships.


Fredrick is a very hardworking and meticulous auto body technician with a vast experience of 18 years who can complete every aspect of collision repair. He has sound knowledge of garage health and safety and dedicated to providing honest and approachable customer service.

Victor is a dedicated auto mechanical repair and maintenance technician with a depth of mechanical knowledge and understanding of automotive system and parts. He has over 20 years of experience as a competent mechanic and takes pride in the work area and being efficient with time given

Expert in diagnosing electrical malfunctions within automotive systems, with 15 years of experience in inspecting and diagnosing electrical circuits and proven knowledge of preventive,breakdown repairing and troubleshooting of automotive.